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Covid-19: Center released data amid complaints of vaccine deficiency, who told how many vaccines

The Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday that states and union territories have more than one crore anti-Covid-19 vaccines available and they will get 57,70,000 more vaccines in the next three days. The Ministry said that the Central Government has so far provided 15,95,96,140 vaccines free of cost to the States and Union Territories (UTs). Out of these, a total of 14,89,76,248 vaccines have been consumed including perishable vaccines.

Health Ministry released data

According to the data released by the ministry, 1,06,19,892 and vaccines are available with Covid-19 with the states and union territories. According to the official statement, ‘States / Union Territories will get more than 57 lakh more vaccines in the next three days.

The ministry said that recently some media reports quoting some officials of the Maharashtra government said that vaccines have been eliminated in the state, which is adversely affecting the vaccination campaign in the state.

There is no shortage of vaccines in Maharashtra: Ministry of Health

The ministry said, ‘It is clarified that 1,58,62,470 doses of anti-Kovid-19 vaccines were given to Maharashtra till 8 am on 28 April. Out of these, 1,53,56,151 vaccines were consumed along with the vaccines that were bad (0.22 percent). The state still has 5,06,319 vaccines available. At the same time, 5,00,000 more vaccines will be sent to Maharashtra in the next three days. ‘ 

The condition of non-BJP ruled states

In fact, on Tuesday, 4 non-BJP-ruled states refused to vaccinate from May 1 and talked about the lack of vaccine. After this, the Union Health Ministry has issued a clarification, releasing the state-wise data on Wednesday. 

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Vaccine audit in Delhi

Delhi has received 36,90,710 vaccines. At the same time, the total consumption of vaccines along with perishable vaccines is 32,43,300. It still has 4,47,410 vaccines available and 1,50,000 vaccines will be given.

Rajasthan has so far been given 1,36,12,360 vaccines. The state now has 3,92,002 vaccines available and 2,00,000 vaccines are to be supplied.

West Bengal has been given 1,09,83,340 vaccines and now has 2,92,808 vaccines and 4,00,000 vaccines to be given.

Chhattisgarh has been given 59,16,550 vaccines. The state has 3,38,963 vaccines available and 2,00,000 vaccines will be supplied.

According to the data in the BJP-ruled state of Uttar Pradesh, 1,37,96,780 vaccines have been given to UP and a total of 1,25,03,943 vaccines have been consumed, including the perishable vaccines. The state still has 12,92,837 vaccines and will be given 7,00,000 more vaccines.

94,47,900 vaccines have been given to Karnataka and 91,01,215 vaccines have been consumed. It has 3,46,685 vaccines available and 4,00,000 more vaccines to be given.

Third phase of vaccination from May 1

The ministry said that the third phase of Covid-19 vaccination will start from May 1. The Union Health Ministry has said that all citizens above the age of 18 years can register to get the anti-Covid-19 vaccine from 4 pm on Wednesday through the Kovin portal or Arogya Setu App. The first phase of the vaccination campaign in the fight against Corona in the country started on 16 January.

As part of the Center’s five-point strategy to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccination is also an important part of the investigation, detecting and treating exposed people, and proper treatment to prevent the spread of Covid-19.



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