Friday, February 3, 2023

Crude oil becomes expensive, know what is the price of petrol diesel on Thursday

Crude oil is again touching a new high. Crude oil reserves have decreased in the US. There were only one lakh barrels of inventory during the week ended 23 April. Due to increased oil demand, the crude oil market climbed to $ 67 per barrel. On the other hand, there has been no change in the prices of petrol diesel in the country for the 14th consecutive day. Petrol is still available at the price of 15 April. On April 15, petrol became cheaper by 16 paise and diesel by 14 paise. On Thursday, 29 April, oil prices have remained stable for the 13th consecutive day. On Wednesday, petrol in the Delhi market remained at Rs 90.40 per liter while diesel remained at Rs 80.73 per liter. 

Petrol prices have increased by more than 6 rupees this year. However, due to elections in 5 states, there has been no increase in prices since 27 February. But in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, petrol prices have remained above Rs 100 for the last two months. Here petrol is stable at Rs 100.89 and diesel at Rs 92.99. From January 1 to today, the price of petrol has increased by Rs 6.69. Earlier this year, on January 1, it was selling at a rate of Rs 83.71. On February 1, petrol was sold at Rs 86.30. The last time was the reduction in oil prices on 30 March. Petrol diesel prices have not increased since February 27 amid the ongoing elections in 5 states including West Bengal.

As per the price announced today, petrol in Mumbai has been hiked by Rs 96.82 and diesel by Rs 87.81, in Kolkata by petrol by Rs 90.62 and diesel by Rs 83.61 and in Chennai by petrol by Rs 92.43 and diesel by Rs 85.73. Last month, there were three changes in the prices of petrol and diesel. Petrol and diesel became cheaper on 24 and 25 March. After this, on the next day of Holi i.e. March 30, they once again saw a price cut. Overall prices of petrol and diesel were reduced by 60 paise and 61 paise per liter in these three days respectively. 

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Petrol-diesel rate list

CityPetrol (Rs / liter)Diesel (Rs / liter)
New Delhi 90.40 80.73
Mumbai 96.83 87.81
Kolkata 90.62 83.61
Chennai 92.4385.75
Noida 88.79 81.19
Bengaluru93.43 85.60
Hyderabad 93.99 88.05
Patna 92.74 85.97
Jaipur 96.77 89.20
Lucknow 88.72 81.13

Petrol was costlier by Rs 4.74

Even after crude oil became expensive in March, there has been no increase in the price of petrol and diesel. However, during the month of February, the price of petrol increased by Rs. 4.74. At the same time, petrol has become 61 paise per liter cheaper in three installments this month. Talking about diesel, its price also increased by Rs 4.52 in February. In the new year, diesel was costlier by Rs 07.60 per liter. However, diesel has become cheaper by 60 paise per liter this month.

You can also know the price of petrol diesel

Indian Oil has given the facility to find out the rate of petrol and diesel. You can also know through SMS. To know the price of Indian Oil customers Delhi, type in the message box – RSP 102072 (RSP <space> Dealer Code of Petrol Pump) and send it to number 9224992249. Similarly, type RSP 108412 for Mumbai, RSP 119941 for Kolkata, and RSP 133593 for Chennai and send it to number 9224992249. By doing this, you will get the latest rates on your mobile.



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