Saturday, January 28, 2023

WhatsApp new privacy policy will be implemented from today, if it is not accepted, it will affect the account

The new privacy policy of WhatsApp has come into effect from today. Let us tell you that the new messaging app policy was to be implemented from 8 February. However, its deadline was increased to 15 May after protests by the users. Previously, the company had laid down the condition of deletion of the account if the new policy was not accepted by 15 May. However, this condition was later removed.  

The company had earlier said that the account will be deleted if the new policy is not accepted by 15 May. However, later the company said that the account will not be deleted even if the new policy is not accepted till May 15, but the features will be limited. 

A few hours ago, WhatsApp wrote in a tweet, making sure that the company could not read their messages and also would not delete the users account. It is also written that the new privacy policy can be accepted at any time. That is, the company has made it clear that even if you do not accept the new privacy policy, you will be able to continue using WhatsApp. 

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However, WhatsApp users will need to accept the new policy to run the app with full functions. Because, if users do not do this, then the account will not be done. However, many functions of the account will be limited. Users will not be able to access their chat list. However, they will be able to answer voice and video calls. In addition, users will also be able to call back for missed voice and video calls. 

Users will continue to get notifications and users will also be able to read and reply to them. However, this will continue for only a few weeks. Because WhatsApp will eventually stop the service of incoming calls and notifications for users. That is, users have to accept the new policy or lose their account. 

Users only need to tap on the ‘Agree’ option to get a new privacy policy. If you have not already accepted the new policy, then this option will appear on the screen as soon as you enter the app. 



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