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After the Black Fungus, we now have the case of the ‘White Fungus,’ and we need to understand how it affects the body.

Symptoms of White Fungus: Patients had corona-like symptoms but no corona at all. All of his tests came out negative. He was found to be contaminated with white fungus after being examined.

Patna: In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, cases of Black Fungus are on the rise in Bihar. Meanwhile, a commotion has erupted in Patna as a result of the discovery of four white fungus cases. In Patna, Bihar’s capital, four White Fungus patients have been identified. A well-known specialist from Patna is among the infected patients.

When it comes to black fungus, the white fungus is extremely harmful.

This infection is said to be more harmful than Black Fungus. The lungs, as well as white corona, are said to infect the lungs. Infection can also spread to other areas of the body, including the nails, skin, stomach, kidneys, brain, private parts, and mouth.

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Cases of white fungus have been discovered in this region.

In Patna, four patients have been exposed to White Fungus so far. SN Singh, the head doctor of PMCH’s microbiology department, provided this detail.

This is how patients infected with white fungus were discovered.

He mentioned that four patients (Corona Patients) had symptoms similar to corona but did not have corona. All of his tests came out negative. He was found to be contaminated with white fungus after being examined.

However, the fact that only four patients were cured by antifungal medication is a source of relief. The white fungus has also contaminated the lungs, according to doctors. When HRCT is performed, a corona-like infection occurs.

According to doctors, if corona symptoms occur on HRCT, a mucus sample should be tested to see if the white fungus is present. He explained that, like black fungus, the white fungus is caused by a lack of immunity. Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of contracting it. Or if you’ve been on steroid drugs for a long time.



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