Friday, May 27, 2022

Need Cash! ATM will come to your home, pick up the benefit of banks’ Doorstep Banking

Doorstep Banking: In the era of the Corona epidemic, banks have made most of their services online for the people, so that customers do not have to visit the bank branches. If you have your account in a government bank, then your work becomes even easier, because the government banks have delivered their services to the doorstep of the customers.

Doorstep Banking of state-run banks

Almost all the major public sector banks have jointly offered all kinds of financial and non-financial facilities to customers through doorstep banking. According to the website, banks are providing doorstep banking facilities together with Atyati Technologies and Integra Microsystem. These facilities are being provided at 100 main centers of the country. 

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ATM will come to your house for cash

If a customer wants financial service, such as cash withdrawal, then he can avail of this facility by calling the DSP app or web portal or toll-free number. For this, the customer should have a bank account linked to his Aadhaar number, or he can withdraw cash through the debit card of the bank as well. When you apply for this service, the agent will come to your door with a micro-ATM, through which you will be able to withdraw cash. Through this facility, you can withdraw a minimum of 1000 rupees and a maximum of 10,000 rupees of cash. 

10 more such work will also be able to be done sitting at home 

Apart from cash withdrawal, 10 non-financial services are also available to customers through doorstep banking. This includes check pickup, request for new checkbook, delivery of account statement, pickup of 15G or 15H form. Apart from this, customers also get the facility to submit digital life certificates through doorstep banking. DSB will come to your door and collect an online life certificate through the Jeevan Pramaan app. Remember that you will have to pay a small fee for these facilities. 

Doorstep Banking is quite fast 

This group of public sector banks includes a total of 12 government banks that provide doorstep banking facilities to the customers. If you are a customer of many banks and the mobile number is the same for all of them, then you will be able to use the services of many banks at the same time. If the service you want is generated by 3 pm, then the agent will provide the service to you on the same business day, after which if the service is generated then the agent will visit the next day.



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