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Cyclone Yaas: Hurricane Yaas to reach Bay of Bengal today; Indian Railways canceled 25 trains; See list

Kolkata: The country is not yet affected by the devastation of Cyclone Tauktae and another Cyclone Yaas is ready to wreak havoc. Tau Te wreaked havoc in the western region of India and now the threat of Yas is hovering in the eastern part. The cyclonic storm Yas is expected to hit the shores of Odisha and West Bengal on 26 May.

Fears of heavy rains in Bengal and Odisha

The process of becoming a low-pressure area has started in the middle eastern part of the Bay of Bengal. This will take the form of Cyclone Yaas by 24 May. The cyclone Yas is likely to move north, northwestwards, and may turn into a cyclonic storm by 24 May. In the next 24 hours, it can take the form of a strong cyclonic storm. According to the meteorological forecast, due to this, Bengal and Odisha may receive heavy rains by 26 May.

The speed of the storm can be 155-165 km / h

During Cyclone Yaas, the wind speed can remain 40-50 km per hour on 24 May. At the same time, on May 25, the wind speed is expected to be 50-60 km per hour. On the morning of 26 May, the speed of Yas storm can be 60-70 km per hour, while in the afternoon on 26 May, the speed of the storm can increase to 90-110 km per hour. By the evening of 26 May, the speed of the storm can go up to 155-165 km per hour.

Indian Railways canceled these 25 trains

In view of the threat of Cyclone Yaas, the Indian Railways has canceled 25 trains between May 24 and May 29. A list of all the 25 canceled trains has been issued by issuing railway press releases.

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PM Modi’s meeting to deal with the storm

Obviously, this time the major threat of a storm is hovering over the eastern part of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a big meeting to deal with this storm. In this meeting, the Prime Minister discussed preparations with officials of the National Disaster Management Authority. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was also present in this meeting. The Prime Minister has asked the officials to evacuate those involved in coastal activities in time. In this meeting, Home Minister Amit Shah along with the concerned ministers were also present.

Indian Navy also has a tight waist

The Indian Navy has also come up to deal with the cyclone Yaas. On the east coast, the Navy has kept four ships and aircraft as standby. Apart from this, a team of divers and a medical team have also been asked to be prepared. INS Daga in Visakhapatnam and INS Razali in Chennai are also ready to deal with any situation.

15 major updates related to Yas Storm

– Hurricane Yas to reach Bay of Bengal today –

Will cross Odisha and West Bengal coasts on May 26 

– High-level review meeting by Prime Minister on


– Air force delivers 21 tons of relief supplies on Sunday – Air force also sends 334 personnel of NDRF Arrived

– Relief supplies in Kolkata, Port Blair, transported troops 

– High alert issued in 14 districts in 

Odisha – 22 teams of NDRF deployed in Odisha

– Indian Railways canceled 25 trains due to the

storm – Hurricane speed 155-165 km / Hours likely – Speed

up to 185 km / h

– 4 Navy ships ready for rescue-relief 

– INS Diga and INS Razali in Visakhapatnam also ready 

– 11 Air Force transport aircraft and 25 helicopters ready

– Effect can also be seen in Bihar and Jharkhand



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