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Facebook and Twitter will be locked in India? The government’s deadline ends today

The question is also that what will happen when the deadline set by the government ends today? The answer is that the Government of India can take strong steps against these companies. The protection that companies get under section 79 of the IT Act 2000 can be done away with. In today’s era, social sites like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, YouTube have become a part of the lives of crores of people in India. But from Tuesday, all these social media sites will be closed. Discussion of this matter is also in full swing in the country. So why is this discussion happening? 

Social media is becoming unfettered?

Many sections in the country are alleging that social media is becoming autocratic. After this, the government had instructed the special media companies to appoint officers in India for complaints and monitoring. But no social media company followed these instructions except the Indian social media company Ku.

The deadline of instructions given by the government on February 25, 2021, is ending today. After this, it is believed that the government can take action on these social media companies. 

Government gave instructions

Companies like Twitter and Facebook were given 3 months’ time by the government to make guidelines, whose duration is ending today. So far, no company has responded to the government except the Indian company Koo. 

The Center on February 25 of this year announced more stringent rules for social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, under which they would have to remove the reported content in 36 hours, and with an official working in India, A grievance redressal system has to be created. 

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According to these rules, social media companies will have to provide their officer and contact addresses in India. Also included are rules like the appointment of Compliance Officer, complaint-resolution, monitoring of objectionable content, compliance report, and removal of objectionable material. 

Actually, social media has been used in a very wrong way for the last few years. Through social media, spreading rumors, sharing objectionable information, spoiling the environment in the country, such works are being done continuously. Many times such cases have reached the court as well. Despite repeated instructions from the government, no concrete steps were taken in this matter so far towards social media companies. After this, the government had instructed the social media companies to make strict guidelines.

What can be action?

According to sources, if the social media platforms do not follow the rules, that is, they do not make guidelines, then the government can eliminate many facilities given to them. The biggest feature in this was not to form a party in the court of social media companies, which can now end. That is, these companies can be made a party in the court.

The question is also that what will happen when the deadline set by the government ends today? The answer is that the Government of India can take strong steps against these companies. The protection that companies get under section 79 of the IT Act 2000 can be done away with. Section 79 ensures that if any person shares illegal information on the platform of these companies, then these companies will not be responsible for this.

However, in the guidelines given by the government on February 25, it was said that if these companies do not remove any content after the order of the court and the government, then under Section 79, this right will be taken away from them.

Facebook released statement

Seeing the end of the deadline given by the Government of India, Facebook has issued a statement and said to obey the rules. It was said on behalf of the company that it will follow the rules of the Government of India, but some issues are still being negotiated. 

Facebook said that according to the IT Act, the rules that have been set, we are ready to obey them and are moving in the direction of improving our working style. The company said that we have given the people a platform to speak safely and with independence.  



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