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Know the difference in symptoms of Black fungus and white fungus, which parts of the body are causing damage

Black fungus and white fungus have raised people’s concerns amidst the second wave of corona infection. Both these diseases are considered more deadly than corona. Black fungus has also been declared an epidemic in many states, but white fungus is not less than any epidemic. After all, what is the difference between black fungus and white fungus? And how dangerous is white fungus than black fungus? Let’s know … 

Cases of white fungus have also started increasing among black fungus. But still, not much information is available about this. As such, it is not yet known that what makes white fungus more dangerous?  

Dr. Sharad, a consultant anesthesiologist from Patna, explains that “there have been cases of white fungus in many places and they are probably referring to Candida. Candida used to happen before. Because of cancer, diabetes medicine, or steroids. Those whose immunity decreases, there is a high risk of fungal infection in such people. White fungus is easily treated. Still, people need to be alert. “

What is the difference between black fungus and white fungus?

According to what has been known so far, the black fungus has been found in corona patients who have been given too many steroids, while white fungus causes are also possible in those patients who have not got corona. The black fungus affects the eyes and brain the most, while the white fungus easily affects the lungs, kidneys, intestines, stomach, and nails.

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Apart from this, black fungus is known for a higher death rate. The death rate in this disease is around 50%. That means one of every two people is in danger of being killed. But there is no data yet about the death rate in white fungus.  

Doctors say that white fungus is a common fungus that used to happen to people even before the corona epidemic. Dr. Kshitij Aditya, an in vitro retinal surgeon from Varanasi, explains that “this is not a new disease. Because people who have a very low immunity can have such a disease. Black fungus is a fungus of a different species, but This is also happening to such patients whose immunity is low. Black fungus comes into the body through the nose and is affecting the eyes and brain. , Can spread to all organs including the heart, kidney, bones. That is why it is considered a very dangerous fungus. ” 

At the same time, Dr. Honey Salva says, “White fungus is also fatal if it is present in our blood or langs. The treatment of this disease is also different. It is called White fungus because when tested to detect it. So white color growth is seen in it. ” Dr. Honey Salva says that “White fungus can occur anywhere, like black fungus, but its treatment is different.”

Is black fungus possible to treat? 

Experts say that in the case of white fungus, this disease can be cured by taking advice from a good skin specialist. No more cases of white fungus have been reported so far, but experts believe that like black fungus, it can spread much more quickly. 



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