Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Good News: Revealed in the study – Corona-fighting antibodies can remain in the body for a lifetime

The whole world is troubled by the Coronavirus. In such a situation, if you get any relief news, it feels good as well as safe. One such comforting news has come from the Washington University School of Medicine. Researchers here say that the body of patients with mild symptoms of corona can always fight the corona. That is, antibodies will always be formed in your body against the corona. Also, she will continue to fight with the Coronavirus. The biggest news is that antibodies are developing again 11 months after the first symptom of corona infection. 

The study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, US, is published on May 24 in the science journal Nature. Scientists said that even after a few months of recovering from corona infection, antibody cells or immune cells continue to work to fight the Covid-19 virus in people.  

These cells continue to develop immunity against the coronavirus. The surprising revelation is that these antibodies can remain in your body for a lifetime. That is, during your whole life, this resistance will remain in your body so that you can fight the coronavirus.  

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Associate professor at Washington University School of Medicine and author of this study, Ali Elbedi, said that during the first summer of Coronavirus, ie during the summer last year, there were reports that antibodies do not remain in the body for long after infection. But this is not true. Antibodies decrease after infection. Immunity is also weak but they recover back.  

Ali Elbeidi said that it is common for the body to lose immunity after infection. But that does not end. We have found in our investigation that even 11 months after the first symptom, antibodies are forming in the body of people. These antibody cells will help protect people from the coronavirus for life. They will never end. As soon as the virus attacks the body, they wake up and struggle with the virus. So that the body can deal with it quickly.

Ali Elbeidi stated that the antibodies that develop during corona infection divide the immune cells. That means to divide. They slowly reach the tissues and blood. This increases the level of antibodies in the body rapidly. The cells from which these antibodies are made are called plasma cells. 

Plasma cells go to the bone marrow present in bones. However, their number decreases. But as soon as the virus is attacked in the body, they become active. They divide rapidly and increase their numbers and fight against the virus. This antibody protects the body from coronavirus infection. 



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