Sunday, October 2, 2022

LPG Booking: Government is going to begin a new rule, Cylinder can be filled by other agencies too!

LPG Booking: A new rule can come soon regarding the booking of LPG cylinders. Now you will not only need to book gas from your own gas agency, but you will also be able to book from other gas agency. Last year, some changes came into effect from 1 November 2020. In which the booking of the gas cylinder was OTP based so that the booking system can be more secure and better. Now once again, preparations are being made to make the LPG booking and delivery system much easier. 

Preparing to change LPG booking rules

The government and oil companies are considering that the whole process of booking LPG gas and refills for consumers should be made easier and faster. Sources are quoted as saying that while the new LPG regulations were being discussed last year, it was also considered that consumers should not depend on their own gas agency for LPG refill. Whatever other gas agency is close to it, they should get their LPG cylinder refilled. The government and oil companies will create an integrated platform for this. 

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Can any agency get LPG refill?

Many times a consumer has to wait a long time for a refill after booking from his own gas agency because the gas agency of the consumer is not in close proximity to his home but in some other area. Where there is a delay in delivery. Now it is being considered that the consumer’s gas agency can be refilled from any gas agency. That is, if a consumer has an IOC cylinder, he can get it refilled with BPCL as well. Indian Oil (IOC), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), and Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) are all three companies making a special platform. The government has also issued directions to the oil companies in this regard. 

LPG cylinder will be available without address proof 

Apart from this, now you will be able to take the connection of 5 kg short-cylinder without address proof. This small gas cylinder will benefit those people who are migrants. They find it difficult to arrange dress proof for them. In this case, this system will prove to be convenient for them. This small cylinder can be refilled from any point of sale or distributorship location across the country. Meaning you can also take it from the petrol pump. 



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