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Richer than Gates-Adani-Ambani’s total wealth! Here are the richest people on earth

Businessmen like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are often in discussion about their wealth and in the last several years, they have been the richest people in the world, but even if the wealth of these three personalities is combined, they are still the richest people of Africa. The king cannot match Moses. 

Rudolf Buch Ware, associate professor of history at the University of California, told the BBC that “the contemporary description of Moses’ wealth is so astounding that it is almost impossible to understand how wealthy and powerful he really was.” The same Jacob Davidson said that Moses was the richest person on earth. 

In 2012, an American celebrity website estimated his wealth to be around $400 billion or 300 trillion, but many historians say that Moses had so much wealth that it is almost impossible to limit his wealth to a single number. 

The 14th-century West African ruler Mansa Musa was born in 1280. His brother, Mansa Abu-Bakr, ruled the empire till 1312. According to the 14th-century Syrian historian Shibab al-Umri, Abu-Bakr was very curious about the Atlantic Ocean and the world beyond.  

Mansa Abu-Bakr reportedly decided to go there with a fleet of 2,000 ships and thousands of men, women, and slaves but they never returned. Only after this Mansa Musa took over the throne in the year 1312 and under his rule there was tremendous development of Mali. Moses also captured more than 24 cities. His empire spanned 2,000 miles. 

There was also a stock of important resources like gold and salt in the kingdom of Moses. According to the British Museum, during the reign of Mansa Musa, the Kingdom of Mali held nearly half of the gold of the ancient world, and all of it belonged to Moses. Major trading centers dealing in gold and other goods were also in their area. 

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Moses’ rule came at a time when European countries were struggling due to civil wars and a lack of resources. Mali’s empire flourished during that period due to important natural resources such as gold and salt. The world realized the power of Moses when he decided to go on Hajj. 

According to reports, Musa had left for Hajj with 60 thousand people, including 12 thousand slaves. Meanwhile, the Sahara desert and the country of Egypt also came on the way. Musa, who spent only three months in Cairo, distributed so much gold in this area that the price of gold in Egypt crashed and the economy of this region could not recover from the influence of Moses for ten years. 

Musa had returned from Mecca with many Islamic scholars. These included Abu As Haq, who designed the famous Djinguereber Mosque. According to reports, Musa had given 200 kg of gold to this poet, which would have been more than 8 million dollars in today’s era.  

According to the American company Smart Asset, the Middle East suffered a huge loss of $ 1.5 billion due to Moses’ Hajj pilgrimage. However, while returning from Hajj, he once again helped to improve the economy of Egypt. 

According to Lucy Durren, a student at the School of African and Oriental Studies, Moses had distributed so much gold that the local people of Mali were angry with him, but despite this, there was no significant change in his wealth.  

Musa died in the year 1337 at the age of 57. After this, his power was handled by his sons, but under his rule, the kingdom of Moses started faltering. After this, the arrival of Europeans in this area made things worse. It is worth noting that today Mali is one of the ten poorest countries in the world.



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