Monday, June 27, 2022

Delta Plus Variant of Coronavirus how dangerous for lungs, Central Panel Chief gave information

The risk of Coronavirus Delta Plus variant is increasing across the country and in the meantime, it has come to the fore that ‘Delta Plus’ has got more association with lung tissue than other variants. . But this does not mean that it will cause serious disease or that it is more contagious. Dr. NK Arora, head of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, Covid-19 Working Group (NTAGI), gave information.

51 cases have come in 12 states so far

The new form of Coronavirus, Delta Plus, was identified on June 11. Recently it has been classified as ‘of concern’. So far 51 cases of Delta Plus have been reported in 12 states of the country. Most cases of infection from this variant have come from Maharashtra.

‘Not a cause of highly contagious or severe disease’

Regarding the ‘Delta Plus’ variant of the coronavirus, Dr. NK Arora, head of the NTAGI’s Covid-19 working group, said that it is more associated with the lungs than other forms. But clarified that this does not mean that Delta Plus will cause serious illness or that it is more contagious. Dr. NK Arora said, ‘Delta Plus has been found to have a higher presence in the lungs than other variants, but it is not confirmed yet that it causes more damage. It also does not mean that it will cause serious disease or that it is more contagious.

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‘There may be more cases of Delta Plus in the country’

Dr. NK Arora said that the picture about the effectiveness of Delta Plus will be more clear after some more cases are identified, but it seems that people who have taken one or both doses of the vaccine show mild symptoms of infection. He said, ‘We have to keep a very close watch on its spread so that we know the infection spreading from it.’ Dr. Arora said that there could be more cases of Delta Plus form than what has been identified, because there may be many people who do not have any symptoms of infection and are spreading the infection.

‘States are making plans against Delta Plus’

Dr. NK Arora said, ‘The most important thing is that the genome sequencing work has accelerated and it is moving in the right direction. The states have already been told that this is a worrying nature and steps need to be taken for this. With this many states have already started making plans at the micro level for the districts where the virus has been identified so that their spread can be controlled. Certainly, vaccination has to be increased in these districts.



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