Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Must buy travel insurance policy before going on holidays

With the decline in corona cases, most people are planning to go on holiday after the easing of lockdown and other restrictions. Insurance experts say that before going to roam in the era of Corona, preparations related to security must be done. This also includes taking out a travel insurance policy. 

It not only compensates for the loss in case of loss of passenger’s baggage, passport, ticket, or document but also provides compensation in case of flight cancellation. In this, you also get the facility of medical emergency treatment and hospitalization during the journey. Claim settlement takes 15 days under a travel insurance policy.

Medical and Hospitalization Expenses

If the policyholder suffers an illness or injury during the journey, the cost of his/her treatment and hospitalization under travel insurance is borne by the insurance company. It also includes ambulance and physician charges. 

However, it depends on the type of policy. The daily allowance is also available for hospitalization in case of emergency during travel. If you want to go abroad, then while buying travel insurance, keep in mind that how much is the cost of medical treatment in that country. Also, be sure to calculate the cost of the valuables. -Balwant Jain, insurance and investment advisor

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on changing residence in case of emergency 

If the person is not able to stay at the designated place in case of an emergency, then he is also covered in travel insurance for the additional cost of staying at the other place. Emergencies are generally not limited to earthquakes, hurricanes, and explosions. Check your travel insurance document before going on vacation for what is included in it.

Flight cancellations have become common during the pandemic due to trip cancellations or deaths. Due to this, passengers have to face difficulties at the last moment. Apart from this, if your trip is canceled due to a medical emergency, natural calamity, or any other reason, the company pays compensation under travel insurance. Apart from this, coverage is also available in case of accidental injury or death during the journey.

Insurance cover is not available in these situations 

due to pre-existing illness, radioactive injury, fatal sports injury, attempt to self-harm like suicide, traveling in a vehicle that does not have a license to carry passengers, without Expenses of any accidental surgery, loss of goods if not reported within 24 hours, abortion, a medical emergency due to alcohol, claims for treatment other than allopathy



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