Thursday, February 2, 2023

Warships from China, the United States, and the United Kingdom anchored in the South China Sea in preparation for an invasion of Taiwan

Beijing: China’s Communist Party (CPC) is planning an attack on Taiwan. If this occurs, the world may be forced to fight the Third World War (WW3) while dealing with the Corona issue. A large-scale war practise is being conducted by the Chinese army. Some photos from this practise have recently surfaced, revealing that Dragon is preparing its army with Taiwan in mind. China has already warned Taiwan that if it talks about independence, it will be attacked.

This situation has the potential to deteriorate.

According to a report in ‘The Sun,’ China’s People’s Liberation Army is practising assault landings and island-control exercises. In addition, dangerous weaponry such as rocket launchers are being employed. Simply said, Beijing is planning a military invasion of Taiwan. He has the ability to carry out his intentions at any time. In such a scenario, the United States and the rest of the Western world will be obliged to assist Taiwan, and the world will be forced to confront the Third World War.

In just six months, 20 naval exercises will be held.

In its article, Chinese official media also stated that the war drill was conducted with Taiwan in mind. Soldiers have been prepared in such a way that if rebel sounds from Taiwan are heard, they will know how to conquer the island. The People’s Liberation Army has conducted such military drills in the past, but given the current situation, this step will heighten global tensions. According to the South China Morning Post, China has conducted at least 20 naval exercises in the first half of this year, up from 13 last year.

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Tensions have risen as a result of the US’s move.

China threatened to invade Taiwan just a month before photos of the war drill leaked. According to a representative for the Chinese Defense Ministry, if Taiwan talks about independence, it will face war. Meanwhile, tensions have risen following the US sending warships through the Taiwan Straits and conducting operations in the South China Sea this week. According to the Global Times, the US effort is an attempt to exert political and military control over China.

This concern is concerning. China

The PLA Eastern Theater Command followed and monitored the USS Benfold guided-missile destroyer’s path, according to Chinese Army Senior Colonel Xi Yi. America’s provocative action demonstrates that it is the world’s most dangerous threat to peace and security. He is jeopardising the security of the Taiwan Straits. Simultaneously, Chinese military analyst Song Zhongping claims that the United States is attempting to limit China’s military capabilities in the region.

Ships from the United Kingdom have also arrived.

China sees a threat in the British ships that arrived in the South China Sea earlier this week. American warships are encouraging British ships to antagonise China, according to military analyst Song Zhongping, but the PLA is stronger than the US and UK forces. In any case, China has the ability to rule both countries. At the same time, analysts feel that, given the way tensions have risen in this area in recent days, the coming months will be difficult. If China attacks Taiwan in order to carry out its ambitions, the third world war is a foregone conclusion.



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