Friday, February 3, 2023

EPFO Retirement Benefits, Date of Birth Update

The method of updating the date of birth in EPFO data has been more user-friendly. If your date of birth is within the last three years, you must upload your Aadhaar / e-Aadhaar to the platform. However, if the gap is greater than three years, Aadhaar / e-Aadhaar, as well as additional papers, must be presented.

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has made the criterion for amending the date of birth in its records even more straightforward. According to the EPFO’s latest update, the date of birth can now be updated online in the EPFO’s database. You must readily follow the method in order to do this. Explain that if your date of birth is incorrect in your record, you may have problems receiving retirement benefits. If the date of birth difference is less than 3 years, the process is different, and if the date of birth difference is more than 3 years, a different process must be followed.

EPFO has released a video to update the date of birth on its official Twitter account. It describes how to modify your date of birth in your EPFO records with ease.

How do I modify the record’s date of birth?

Visit the EPFO website ( https: / unifiedportal-mem. memberinterface / ) to amend your date of birth. User ID and password are required to log in. If your date of birth is within the last three years, you must upload your Aadhaar / e-Aadhaar to the platform. If the gap in your dates of birth is greater than three years, one of the documents on the list must be presented in addition to your Aadhaar / e-Aadhaar.

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What kind of documents are in the list?

1. A certificate from any school or educational institution.

The Registrar of Births and Deaths issues birth certificates.

3. Have a passport.

Central or state government certificate of service record

5. Any government-issued document, such as a driver’s licence or an ESIC card. After examining the member, the Civil Surgeon issues a medical certificate.

Why is it crucial to have the right date of birth?

In order to collect provident fund and pension benefits under the provident fund and pension schemes, accurate date of birth is required in EPFO records. If there is a mismatch in your date of birth, you will not be able to retire at the appropriate age.

On Pegasus and Digilocker, take advantage of these EPFO functionalities.

EPFO members can use DigiLocker to get their UAN card, Pension Payment Order (PPO), and Scheme Certificate. On the other side, you can view your passbook via EPFO’s official Umang app. Can file claims and keep track of them. This app also has a UAN activation and allocation feature. You can also access account information via SMS and missed calls in the General Service section of the Umang app. This app also offers a pension, Aadhaar seeding, and grievance services.



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