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Main reason for the Facebook server down, which WhatsApp-Instagram also stopped

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram Server Down: After being closed for more than 6 hours, Facebook and Instagram started working again at 3:24 pm Indian time. Similarly, WhatsApp started working at 4:19 pm after staying for more than 7 hours.

From 9:11 pm Indian time, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all over the world stopped working due to server down (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram Server Down). Due to technical fault, people had to face a lot of trouble, and work in many companies came to a standstill. So there on social media #WhatsAppDown and #FacebookDown started trending.

How long have Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram been closed?

Facebook and Instagram started working again at 3:24 pm Indian time after being closed for more than 6 hours. Similarly, WhatsApp started working at 4:19 pm Indian time after staying for more than 7 hours.

The servers of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are interconnected

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all owned by Facebook, that is why the servers of these three are also interconnected. Due to which all three are affected by a slight change. However, the reason why this blockade occurred due to the change in Facebook’s server has not been clear.

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Server down due to DNS failure

The reason for such closure of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram was the failure of Facebook’s DNS i.e. Domain Name System. Due to the failure of DNS, the Internet ‘root’ of its users to access Facebook was obstructed, because DNS translates any website into an IP address and takes the user to the page he wants to open.

Why did Facebook’s DNS Failed?

On the failure of Facebook’s DNS, experts believe that prima facie it seems that all of Facebook’s BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) were stopped, due to which DNS failed and users of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all over the world. Missed out. DNS does its work only with the help of BGP ‘route’. However, the reasons for the BGP’s halt have not been officially known yet.

The condition of Facebook officials deteriorated

The blockade on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram took a toll on Facebook executives when the official mail system in their office and even access cards for employees stopped working. Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schröpfer apologized for the disruption and assured people that his team was trying to fix the problem as soon as possible.

The team went to the server room by breaking the lock

Facebook sent a team to the Santa Clara data center in California to manually resect the locked servers and get things better, but there was no way to get rid of it when the internal mail system shut down and employees didn’t have access to their access cards. Even when the access card was not working, the team that went to fix the server broke the lock and went to the server room, because they needed physical access to the server to fix the server.



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