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Flipkart has Mahabachat offers! Buy a Samsung 32-inch Smart TV for Rs 4,999, which is a great deal

2021 Flipkart Big Diwali Sale: Samsung’s 32-inch smart TV is relatively affordable. On Flipkart, it is available for Rs 17,499, but you can get it for less. Let’s see what we can do…

Flipkart is having a big Diwali sale. Smartphones and Smart TVs are exploding in popularity in the cell market. While there are big discounts on iPhones, Samsung phones, and Xiaomi phones, Smart TVs are also on sale. If you want to buy a new television during the Diwali season, now is the time to do it. Samsung’s 32-inch smart TV is relatively affordable. Samsung’s 32-inch Smart TV is available for Rs 17,499 in Flipkart’s deal, but it can be had for less. Let’s see what we can do…

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Samsung 32-inch Smart TV Deals & Discounts

The Samsung 32-inch smart TV is less expensive. When it comes to bank discounts, if you purchase with an SBI credit card, you will receive an instant discount of Rs 1500. Aside from that, there is an Rs 11,000 exchange offer. You can save this much money if you trade in your old television. However, your old TV’s condition and model must be current; only then will you be able to save this much money. The TV will cost Rs 4,999 if you receive the entire exchange off.

Mi 4A PRO 32-inch Smart Android TV is also on sale.

The Mi 32-inch Smart TV is available at a 25% discount during the Flipkart Big Diwali Sale. This TV’s price has been unchanged at Rs 14,999. However, you may get it for a lower price. You can get a TV for 2.5 thousand dollars if you take advantage of the deals. If you buy a Mi 4A PRO 32-inch Smart TV with an SBI credit card, you can save up to 10%. (up to Rs 1500).



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