Saturday, January 28, 2023

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale: Get amazing discount on iPhone 12

Flipkart Big Diwali Sale: Diwali Sale is going on on Flipkart. The biggest discount ever is available on iPhone 12. During the sale, you can buy this phone for about 35 thousand rupees. Let’s know-how…

Big Diwali Sale has started again on Flipkart. Like last time, this time to there is a buzz of iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 (iPhone 12) is again available in the sale at a very cheap price. If you could not buy in the last sale and want to buy now, then this is the right opportunity. The iPhone 12 is available for purchase in the sale for Rs 53,999, which is the same price as before, but with additional discounts. If you use the right payment methods, you can get the iPhone 12 64GB for as low as Rs 49,999.

iPhone 12 price reduced

After the price cut with the launch of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 64GB is currently priced at Rs 65,900 on the Apple Store. So, if you buy iPhone 12 from Apple’s online store or offline shop, you may have to pay that new price. Flipkart is selling it for around Rs 12,000 less. 

Additional discount of Rs 4,000 is available on Flipkart 

You can buy it more cheaply. If you have an SBI card, you will get an additional discount of Rs.4,000. After the discount, the effective price of the iPhone 12 64GB goes up to Rs 49,999, which is the lowest price you can pay for last year’s hit iPhone model.

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Discounts will be visible on Flipkart App

iPhone 12 listings are showing discounts when you’re using the Flipkart app, but if you’re using the website, you’ll be able to see these discounts when you reach the payment page in your cart. There are two discounts of Rs 1,250 and one discount of Rs 1,500, giving you a total profit of Rs 4,000.

Exchange offer on iPhone 12

Flipkart is also offering free maths and science workshop classes from Byju’s on your iPhone 12 purchase, so that’s another advantage. You can buy iPhone 12 even cheaper than this. There is also an exchange offer of up to Rs 14,950 on the phone. If you exchange the old phone and manage to get this much off, then you can buy iPhone 12 for around 35 thousand rupees.  



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