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7th Pay Commission: There will be an increase of 2.30 lakh in the salary of central employees! Know complete calculations

7th Pay Commission latest news: New year can bring happiness again for central employees. Dearness allowance will increase once again in January 2022.

7th Pay Commission latest news: New year can bring happiness again for the central employees. Dearness allowance will increase once again in January 2022. Actually, in the new year, there may be an increase in DA once again, due to which the salary of the employees will increase again. However, it has not been decided how much the Dearness Allowance (DA Hike) will increase in January 2022. But, according to the data of the AICPI index, 3% DA is expected to increase. 

Employees will get good news in the new year!

There will be promotions in some departments of the Center by the end of December 2021. Apart from this, there is also a discussion about the fitment factor before Budget 2022, on which a decision can come. If this happens, then the minimum basic salary will also increase. But, at present, what does the data of the AICPI index say regarding dearness allowance, let us know.

DA will be decided by AICPI data

According to experts, the dearness allowance can be increased by 3% in January 2022 as well. That is, if there is an increase of 3%, the total DA can increase from 31 percent to 34 percent. According to AICPI data, the figures till September 2021 are out now. Accordingly, Dearness Allowance (DA) is 32.81 percent. According to the data till June 2021, the dearness allowance for July 2021 has been increased by 31 percent. That is, now according to its further figures, dearness allowance will be calculated and a good increase can be found in it. 

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DA Calculator from July 2021

Calculation of DA Marks 


for July- 122.8X 2.88 = 353.664

Calculation for August- 123X 2.88 = 354.24 Calculation for September- 123.3X 2.88 = 355.104

DA will increase by 3 percent

If we look at the data of the AICPI index, till September 2021, the dearness allowance has gone up to 33 percent. That is, according to this, there has been an increase of 2 percent in it. However, the figures for October, November, and December are not yet available. It is expected that it may increase further by 1 percent. If the CPI (IW) figure remains up to 125 by December 2021, then a 3 percent increase in dearness allowance is certain. That is, the total DA will increase by 3% to 34 percent. It will be paid from January 2022 and the salary of central employees will increase.

Calculation on 34% DA 

After increasing the dearness allowance by 3%, the total DA will be 34%. Now on the basic salary of Rs 18,000, the total annual dearness allowance will be Rs 73,440. But talking about the difference, the annual increase in salary will be Rs 6,480.

Calculation on minimum basic salary

1. Basic salary of employee Rs 18,000 

2. New dearness allowance (34%) Rs 6120/month

3. Dearness allowance so far (31%) Rs 5580/month

4. How much dearness allowance increased 6120- 5580 = Rs 540/month

5. Increase in annual salary 540X12 = Rs 6,480

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Calculation on maximum basic salary

1. Basic salary of the employee Rs 

56900 2. New dearness allowance (34%) Rs 19346 / month

3. Dearness allowance so far (31%) Rs 17639 / month

4. How much dearness allowance increased 19346-17639 = 1,707 Rs/month

5. Increase in annual salary 1,707 X12 = Rs 20,484



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