Friday, December 2, 2022

Poonam Pandey Airport Look: All the buttons of the white shirt came out, and this beauty came out, and people said, ‘Keep the clothes closed in the market!’

Poonam Pandey’s Sexy Look: Poonam Pandey is that beauty whose boldness inspires the clean bold. The actress has caused the same havoc yet again. Poonam arrived at the airport in such a way that onlookers began rubbing their eyes.

Poonam Pandey Airport Look_Newsstore24

Poonam makes headlines whenever she leaves the house; sometimes she wears a nightgown, eats corn, and sometimes she wears a small dress and goes out to buy mangoes. But this time, instead of being in the market, Poonam Pandey was spotted at the airport.

Poonam Pandey AirportLook_Newsstore24

Yes, Poonam Pandey was spotted at the airport today, where Hasina once again performed the beauty trick. People’s hearts skipped a beat when they saw Poonam, who arrived wearing a bralette under white pants and a white shirt.

Poonam PandeyAirportLook_Newsstore24

Poonam Pandey made such a bold statement by opening all of the buttons on her shirt that the viewers’ senses were blown away. At the same time, these Poonam photos are dominating social media, with people commenting and reacting to them in droves.

PoonamPandey Airport Look_Newsstore24

People are now unable to stop themselves from commenting on these pictures after Poonam Pandey arrived at the airport in such a daring avatar. One user even demanded that the cloth be removed from the market. When people become famous without clothes, the user wrote, the market should stop selling clothes.

PoonamPandeyAirport Look_Newsstore24

By the way, this isn’t the first time Poonam Pandey’s sexy avatar has been shown, but if you open her Instagram, you’ll be surprised and stunned. Poonam is one of the industry’s most daring actresses, and she is frequently mocked for it.

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