Saturday, January 28, 2023

Ration card holders will now get these items free of cost along with wheat and rice! order issued

Ration Card Scheme: There is great news for the ration card beneficiaries. If you also take advantage of the free ration scheme, then now the government is making another special scheme for you, under which wheat, rice, and other things are being given for free. Along with this, you can also get other items at very low prices.

23 lakh families will get benefit

According to the information received from the Food Minister, many facilities are provided by the Central Government as well as the State Government. In this episode, the Uttarakhand government is planning to provide free ration to 23 lakh families at a low cost, besides sugar and salt.

Giving information, the Food Minister of Uttarakhand has said that the department has also prepared a budget proposal for this scheme. It will be presented in the cabinet. After implementing this scheme, the state will have to bear an additional expenditure of about Rs 65 lakh crore.

Giving information to the media, the Food Minister has told that in the year 2023, the Central Government has decided to give free rations to families across the country. Beneficiaries will get the benefit of a free ration this whole year. The state government has said that it wants essential items like sugar and salt to be available in every kitchen along with wheat and rice.

Let us tell you that subsidy will

Should be given on sugar. It has been suggested to give a subsidy of Rs. 10 kg on sugar. It can be increased up to Rs.15. Along with this, while giving information, the state government has told that the cardholders who have not taken ration for the last 6 months have their cards can be canceled.

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