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Car with the finest ADAS system between Tata Harrier, MG Hector & XUV 700

There is a variety of big SUV vehicles with 5/7 seats currently in circulation across the country. In the past, MG launched its new revised Hector SUV. ADAS system is available in the car. Tata Motors has also brought its brand new Harrier and Safari equipped with ADAS and a big touchscreen. In addition, Mahindra XUV700 comes with ADAS. We will detail the functions that are related to ADAS from these three vehicles.

ADAS system

Tata Harrier

A brand new digital instrument cluster and new infotainment system that incorporates ADAS are available in the Tata Harrier. In addition, an all-round view camera has been added to the. The ADAS system in this car comes with a number of features like the high beam assistant, automated emergency brakes, and lane change alert as well as blind spot recognition. Also, driver seat powered that connect to smartphones, as well as an important feature, is offered in this vehicle. The brand-new Harrier comes with the 2.0L diesel engine that meets the latest RDE standards. It comes with an array of drive modes and auto and manual gearboxes.

ADAS system

Who are the competitors?

The brand new Tata Harrier competes with the Mahindra XUV700, as well as the MG Hector, both of which come with ADAS features. The XUV700 comes with features such as dual 10.25-inch screens and a panoramic sunroof. the AdrenoX Infotainment System, Wireless connectivity for smartphones as well as dual-zone climate controls. Additionally, there is the driver’s seat is powered and comes with the feature that is a welcome addition to front collision alert auto emergency brakes and adaptive cruise control Smart Pilot Assist, as well as other safety features are provided. The XUV700 is able to produce 200bhp using the manual plus automatic and 185bhp with the 2.0L Turbo petrol engine. There is also a 2.2L diesel engine that is included in the. Diesel engines have a choice of manual and AWD as well as driving modes. This MG Hector, on the other hand, is equipped with a 1.5L turbo petrol engine, with outputs of 140 bhp when CVT is used and manual. It also has an 2.0L Diesel engine.

ADAS system

Price comparison

The XUV700’s price ex-showroom is between Rs 13.4 lakh and the price of Rs 25.4 lakh. However, the price ex-showroom of the newly upgraded MG Hector is between Rs 14.7 lakh and 21.7 lakh. The initial price ex-showroom of the newly updated Red Dark Edition of Harrier and Safari is the equivalent of Rs 21.7 lakh and 21.7 lakh and 22.6 lakh, respectively.

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