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Merge multiple EPF accounts into one UAN like this after switching job

If you are employed, you will also be assigned a Universal Account Number (UAN). Indeed, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has provided this unique 12-digit number. PF members can simply manage their EPF accounts with the aid of UAN. Every member is given a single UAN. Throughout his work, he can use this UAN.

EPF accounts

An employee must provide

his previous UAN to their new employer if they move jobs. The sum deposited from the old account to the new EPF accounts should also be requested to be transferred. The ‘One member-One EPF account (transfer request)’ feature in the online services tab can be used to make this request. This means that the total amount of all prior accounts can also be transferred to the new account.

EPF accounts

The employer you have designated

receives the money transfer form first for approval. After that, this form is forwarded to the relevant EPFO office. You will need to specify which UAN or member ID you wish to transfer when submitting the request. Additionally, you must indicate if the transfer request will be attested to by the previous or current employer.

EPF accountsFollowing this,

the Aadhaar verification procedure needs to be finished. The form only gets to the EPFO office after completing all these processes, at which point it is authorized and the next phase begins. Money transfers from your PF account to another account often take 20 days or so. Frequently, individuals also wonder what becomes of such PF accounts which were opened before the implementation of UAN.

EPF accountsIf PF accounts were formed before UAN adoption

and UAN was not established at that time. In this scenario, the individual will need to enlist the assistance of his former employer to obtain the UAN for that account. Through its PF login interface, the employer can create UAN for these workers.

EPF accountsYou can transfer or combine the money put

in both accounts by following the preceding procedure once the UAN for the previous PF account has been generated. It’s important to remember that to complete this, your UAN needs to be connected to Aadhaar and active. Along with this, finishing your KYC is also required.

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