Thursday, July 25, 2024

Apple unveiled the ios 18 at the Apple WWDC 2024 event, this is the special feature

The Apple WWDC 2024 has begun, and there will be a lot of significant announcements. Let us inform you that the introduction of Vision OS 2 marked the beginning of this conference. Apple’s iOS 18 is attracting the attention of people worldwide. Let us inform you that iOS 18 has been released, offering users several powerful new features. This iOS has a lot of significant changes. The adjustments would be highly appreciated by users. They also contain satellite messaging, which makes it incredibly simple for customers to send messages these days.

AppleThese functionalities will be available to users.

We can tell you that users of Apple iOS 18 will be getting a ton of huge features, including a ton of powerful features. The strongest feature among these is satellite messaging, yes, now users can send direct I messages using satellite. This feature is very useful and users will also get a lot of benefit from it. You must have heard about the satellite calling feature, but now satellite messaging can also be done. Let us tell you that satellite message support will also be available on iPhones 14 and above.


In addition,

users will now have the ability to conceal their device with ease thanks to the Hidden Apps feature. Now, users have the option to lock the folder. Major updates will also be sent to users in the message. Users will also have the ability to schedule messages in Apple iOS 18. You might be surprised to hear that users can now bold, underline, and italicize receiving messages—this is a really useful tool.

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