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Don’t make these changes to your car to avoid getting challan by Traffic police

A lot of individuals enjoy driving, and many modify their vehicles to give them a distinctive appearance. We refer to this as car modifications. The car’s exterior and interior are both altered. Many people also install pricey extras in their cars in addition to this. It’s not a given, though, that attractive accessories are also useful for the vehicle. Many even had these kinds of modifications done to their cars, which might land them in legal problems. They may receive a ticket as a result of these alterations to the car. Allow us to discuss a few of these alterations that you should not have made to your vehicle.


Following Market Number Plate

All Indian automobiles must now have high-security registration plates, according to the government of that nation. This has been used to lower the rate of theft and improve vehicle security. However, a lot of people continue to utilize ornate car license plates. Avoid doing this as the fancy number plate may result in you being issued a challan by the traffic authorities.


Adapted horn

A modified horn indicates that using a loud horn in a car is not advised. Other people may get agitated by the loud sound of your horn. You might have to pay a fine because this is against the law. Guidelines regarding the horns of operating cars in India have been released by the government. Horns of more than 100 decibels should not be used for normal cars or four-wheelers.


Big Wheels

To give their car a distinctive appearance, many people choose to add bigger wheels to it. This is something that many individuals do. People complete this purely for enjoyment, but later on, issues arise. Installing bigger wheels reduces the vehicle’s mileage. The car’s mileage rises concurrently with an impact on the suspension. In addition to adding flair and aesthetic appeal, the car’s front grille also maintains the vehicle’s ventilation. A lot of individuals modify their car’s grill to give it a more fashionable appearance. However, avoid doing this since it will prevent the air from adequately reaching the engine. This has an immediate impact on the mileage and functionality of the car.


Tinted Glass

Many people get tinted glass installed in their cars. But, there are some rules regarding installing tinted glass in the car. The visibility of the tinted glass installed in the car must be 50 percent. If its visibility is less than this limit, then the traffic police can issue a challan to you.

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