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Here is the 15x15x15 investment rule to help you in investing

15x15x15 investment rule: In retirement, everyone aspires to be at least a millionaire. However, if you choose the incorrect investment, this dream will not come true. However, if your investment is going properly, achieving the objective will become simple for you. You must abide by the 15x15x15 investment rule if you also wish to become a millionaire. This suggests that the investment should be made with a 15-year time horizon, a Rs. 15,000 SIP, and an annual return of 15%.

15x15x15 investment rule

A one-year investment of Rs. 1.8 lakh

If you contribute Rs 15,000 to a SIP each month, you will have invested Rs 1.8 lakh over a year. You will deposit a total of Rs 27 lakh in this manner in 15 years. If you get an annual return of 15% on this, then after 15 years your Rs 27 lakh will become more than Rs 1 crore. 15 years is the ideal tenure for any investment, during this time you get the full benefit of compound interest. Let us tell you here that this entire calculation is based on an estimate. The return may also change depending on the market situation and the mutual fund you choose.

15x15x15 investment rule

The decline in pulse production is cause for concern.

What factors influence the yields? The ups and downs of the stock market are another indicator of market swings. The returns on your mutual fund are likewise impacted by the volatility. The results are also influenced by the mutual fund you invest in. Diverse funds allocate capital among diverse assets, hence exhibiting varied levels of risk. As a result, there may be variations in the returns. It is generally accepted that your investment returns increase with time.

15x15x15 investment rule

Invest according to your needs.

You can make investments while considering your time frame and investment goal. For instance, you can maintain a larger proportion of stocks in your portfolio if your goals are long-term. However, if you will soon require money, you can concentrate on bonds. Where you invest money depends on your needs. Suppose you are saving for retirement, then you can invest a large part of your money in stocks. There is a possibility of getting good returns from stocks in the long run. But if you invest your money in bonds, you will get less returns but the money will be safe.

15x15x15 investment rule

In addition,

you ought to consider your willingness to take risks. Bond investments are a wise choice for those who prefer little risk. However, your odds of making a profit rise as you take on more risk.

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