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Change this little setting in smartphone right away to avoid unnecessary calls

We frequently receive calls on our smartphone from strangers. Frequently, after receiving these calls, we allow ourselves to be duped by the other person and become victims of a major scam. While the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India occasionally issues warnings against calls from unknown numbers, you too bear some of the duty in this regard. We’re going to walk you through a quick setting that will allow you to stop receiving these unknown calls.


Adjust this little setting on your iPhone and Android smartphone.

There are two methods you can prevent unknown callers from using your phone. First of all, you can block it by going into the phone settings. If you have an Android phone, then open the app of this phone and go to the settings. Here you will see the option of Blocked Numbers. In this, you will also see the option of Unknown Calls. You can enable this option by clicking here.


If you want to set this setting

on your iPhone, then you have to go to Call Blocking and Identification. Apart from this, enable the block option next to unknown callers.


Apps from third parties

In addition, you can block these calls via third-party apps, which is your second option. Many other functions are included in these apps. For instance, they provide features like spam filtering and caller ID. When it comes to their names, these applications are Truecaller, Hiya, and Call Blacklist.

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