Friday, July 26, 2024

Apple to charge for using AI in Apple iPhone monthly! know details

Apple’s WWDC 2024 event this year marked the global debut of Apple Intelligence. The business has enhanced its own AI with numerous cutting-edge capabilities. which, by year’s end, will be accessible. People are ecstatic by Apple’s announcement. However, a study claims that consumers won’t be able to take advantage of these services for very long at no cost.


Apple intends to split Apple Intelligence

into two tiers. Users will be able to access restricted services for free on one level, but to access AI services on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac, they will need to subscribe to the company. Apple has not yet released an official remark on this choice. As per a Bloomberg report, the subscription that users will get will be called Apple Intelligence Plus. Apple is expected to make more profit by selling these paid plans than by selling devices. Not only this, Apple is also planning to take a cut in the subscription revenue from its AI partner.


What is Apple Intelligence going to do?

Only devices will be compatible with AI. Thus, you need a device to use it. The company’s AI service will appear as an app on your phone. You will be able to control notifications with its assistance. AI can summarize your text communications in other apps and write mail in your direction.

AppleYou can also

use the ‘Image Playground’ feature AI to generate an image of your choice at no cost by providing prompts.

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