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These are the variants of first CNG bike available at a cheaper price

An Indian carmaker has prepared the world’s first CNG bike. The first CNG bike, the Bajaj Freedom 125, was introduced by Bajaj Auto on July 5. With the introduction of this bike, consumers can now choose between bike versions that run on gasoline and CNG. Three CNG bike versions have been introduced to the market by Bajaj.

CNG bikeEngine of the CNG Bicycle

The Bajaj Freedom 125 comes in three different models, each with the same engine installed. This bike has a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 125cc engine. This engine also has a 5-speed gearbox attached to it. At 8,000 rpm, this engine produces 9.5 bhp of power, and at 5,000 rpm, it produces 9.7 Nm of torque. The primary characteristics of this Bajaj Auto CNG bike have been kept almost the same in all three trims. However, there is a difference in the design of this bike. The three trims of the CNG bike are Disc LED, Drum LED, and Drum.

CNG bike

Drum, Bajaj Freedom 125 NG04

The drum is the least expensive version of the Bajaj Freedom 125. This entry-level model is still priced at Rs 95 thousand. Both the front and rear wheels of this bike are equipped with front brakes. Its back wheel is fixed to a 16-inch rim, and its front wheel to a 17-inch rim. The drum version of this bike uses halogen headlights to reduce cost. This bike also has the capability of connecting smartphones. Pewter Grey and Ebony Black are the two color possibilities for this bike. Speaking of the CNG bike’s Drum LED version, this one uses LED headlights in place of halogen light. Drum brakes have been provided in this bike, but the feature of smartphone connectivity has been removed.

CNG bikeThis bike has a basic LCD instrument cluster,

whose display will keep providing necessary information to the rider. The ex-showroom price of this CNG variant has been kept at Rs 1.05 lakh. Disc LED is the highest model of the Bajaj Freedom 125. This motorcycle has disc brakes of 240 mm mounted on its front wheel to enhance stopping power. The back wheel has 130 mm drum brakes fitted to it at the same time. This bike also has an LED headlight added for improved nighttime lighting. This Bajaj variation is available in blue, black, white, red, and grey hues. Out of all the bike models, this one boasts the most features. The ex-showroom cost is one million rupees.

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