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Your money will not sink due to Cyber ​​Fraud! Home Minister Amit Shah launches helpline number and platform

Cyber ​​Fraud Helpline: In order to prevent financial loss due to increasing incidents of cyber fraud, the Union Home Ministry has started National Helpline 155260 and reporting platform. 

National helpline, reporting platform to check cyber fraud 

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been said that the National Helpline and Reporting Platform provides a mechanism to the person to report such cases so that his hard-earned money can be saved from losing. This helpline and reporting platform has been started under the leadership of Home Minister Amit Shah to give a secure digital ecosystem to the people. 

All major banks, RBI, Wallets included  

The helpline was soft-launched on April 1, 2021. The helpline 155260 and its reporting platform have been launched by the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center (I4C) under the Ministry of Home Affairs with the support and cooperation of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), all major banks, payment banks, wallets, and online merchants. At present, it is being implemented in seven states and union territories of Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, which cover more than 35% of the population. 

Save Rs 1.85 cr in 2 months

On the basis of complaints on this helpline number, fraud of more than Rs 1.85 crore has happened within 2 months, due to which the curtain has been exposed to big gangs of cyber fraud. Apart from this, during the investigation in Delhi and Rajasthan, several accounts were seized and Rs 58 lakh and Rs 53 lakh were recovered. In a short span of two months after the soft launch, this helpline has been successful in preventing fraudsters from passing over Rs 1.85 crore, in which Delhi and Rajasthan have saved Rs 58 lakh and Rs 53 lakh. 

This is how the system works

This facility gives strength to both the police and the bank, both of them share information related to fraud, due to which action is also taken immediately. The money laundered in online fraud can be stopped through a money trail and all further avenues of fraud can be closed. Let us now explain how this helpline and platform work. 

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1. The victim of cyber fraud calls the helpline number 155260 and which is operated by the state police

2. The police operator notes down the details of the fraud transaction and the personal details of the caller. and submits them as tickets to the Citizens Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting and Management System.

3. These tickets are delivered to the respective banks, wallets, merchants, etc., depending on whether it is the victim’s bank or the wallet in which the fraudulent money has gone.

4. An SMS is also sent to the victim along with the acknowledgment number of the complaint, using the acknowledgment number to submit the complete fraud details on the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal ( https://cybercrime.Gov.In/ ) within 24 hours are instructed to do.

5. The concerned bank, which can now view the ticket on its dashboard on the reporting portal, checks the details in its internal system. If the fraud money is still there, then the bank blocks it there. That is, the fraudster cannot withdraw that money. 

6. If the fraudulent money is transferred to another bank, the ticket is extended to the next bank where the money has been withdrawn. This process continues till the money is not stopped from going into the hands of fraudsters. 

Get help from the website

Apart from the helpline number, you can also make a complaint related to online fraud by visiting the website Let us tell you that the Ministry of Home Affairs started the cyber portal project last year. Delhi was the first to be connected on this Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Platform. After this Rajasthan has been included in it. 



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