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Indian Railways have a new rule! If you don’t remember this secret code while purchasing train tickets, you won’t be able to get a seat

New types of coaches are now being installed in trains, allowing customers to travel more comfortably while also increasing railway earnings. The code of these coaches, as well as the booking code of the category of seats, etc., are changed in this circumstance.

New Rules for Indian Railways, New Delhi: Passengers on trains should be aware of some vital information. Now, when purchasing railway tickets, you must be aware of a few secret codes; otherwise, you may have difficulties. In fact, Indian Railways has made significant changes to the seat and coach booking codes. In its trains, the railways have introduced a new sort of carriage. When purchasing passenger tickets, you can use this code to select your desired seat. Vistadome coaches have also been introduced on several routes across the country by the railways.

When purchasing tickets, keep this code in mind.

Significantly, the railways are about to begin operating a large number of additional carriages. It also contains the AC-3 category economy class. Let us tell you that there will be 83 berths on this type of carriage. The pricing for seat reservations in these third AC economy class vehicles has yet to be determined.

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The Vistadome coach is unique.

Actually, the railways are adopting this style of vehicle with tourism in mind. The Vistadome coach’s most notable feature is that passengers can see the outside vista while within the train. The coaches’ roofs will also be made of glass. In practically every state, railways will run at least one such train. This Vistadome coach now travels from Dadar in Mumbai to Madgaon in Goa.

How will the reservation be made?

The Principal Chief Commercial Managers of all zones have been informed of the code of coaches and seats for all of these categories. The third AC class economy coach’s booking code will be 3E, and the coach’s code will be M, as a result of this. Similarly, Wisdom AC coach’s code has been preserved as EV. Please let us know which coach’s booking code is.

What is the new booking code and coach code
coach class                   booking code  coach code
Vistadom                        VS              AC DV                        
Sleeper                             SL                 S
AC Chair Car                   CC                 C
Third AC                           3A                   B
AC Three Tier Economy       3E                   M
Second AC 2A                    A
Garib Rath AC Three Tier        3A                   G
Garib Rath Chair Car              CC                   J
First AC                         1A                   H
Executive Class             EC                E
Cognition Class                   EA               K
First Class                      FC               F
Vistadome AC                 EV             EV



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