Thursday, December 1, 2022

SHOCKING!! Riding a bike can damage iPhone’s camera, here’s how to avoid it

We are completely surrounded by electronic items in our life. By the way, we must have read in many reports about how radiations of different electronic devices harm us. But you will be stunned to hear the report that Apple has released recently. None of us could have imagined what is written in that report. According to a report by Apple, iPhone users who ride bikes, the camera of their iPhone may be damaged. Let’s know-how. 

Riding a bike can damage iPhone’s camera 

Apple has published a new support document in which iPhone users have been told that the camera of their iPhone can be damaged by certain vibration frequencies emanating from the engines of high-powered bikes. 

How could it be 

Apple says that iPhone camera lenses that are equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) or closed-loop autofocus are prone to damage from these vibration frequencies. With the help of these systems, Apple keeps the iPhone camera strong and durable for a long time. But if these systems are kept in direct contact with high-amplitude vibration frequencies for a long time, then the effect will be directly on the quality of pictures and videos captured by the camera. 

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What is the way to avoid it 

On its support page, Apple has advised users to protect their iPhones from extended high-amplitude vibrations. To do this, users have been advised not to attach their iPhones to the handlebars of their motorcycles so that the vibrations do not reach directly near the phone. Also, Apple says to either mount your phone from low-powered devices like mopeds and electric scooters or use a vibration-damping mount to protect your phone’s camera. 

At this time, what is the purpose of Apple behind releasing this report, it is not known, but it is definitely known that in the last few years, many users have faced problems with the camera of iPhones due to this reason.



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