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Will the government implement a nationwide curfew? Will train service be suspended until after Diwali? know everything there is to know

Update on the Coronavirus: Have you received any such notification stating that the country is under lockdown and that all train services will be suspended until Diwali? If you answered yes, we’re sorry to inform you that this claim is absolutely incorrect.

Fake News Warning: A statewide lockdown has been imposed once more, and all train services will be suspended till after Diwali. Have you ever received a message like this? If you answered yes, it is critical that you validate this information. Actually, a message is going viral in which it is stated that due to the third wave of the Coronavirus, the country is once again under lockdown. This information was provided by PIB Fact Check.

What is the veracity of the assertion?

According to PIB Fact Check, a statewide lockdown will be imposed from tomorrow morning due to an increase in the number of coronavirus illnesses, as reported on its Twitter handle. Apart from that, all train services across the country would be suspended until Diwali. Both of these allegations, he claims, are entirely incorrect. And no such announcement has been made by the central government.

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PIB provided a screenshot.

In a tweet, PIB Fact Check posted a screenshot of this message. It can be noted that the Indian government has made no declaration regarding the statewide shutdown and cancellation of train services. Below is a screenshot of a channel with the words ‘Third wave risky, shutdown from tomorrow AM’ scribbled on it. Every day, seven lakh corona is infected. All train services in the country are closed until Diwali, according to the breaking news below. It has also been marked with a faux red color.

If you’ve gotten a similar WhatsApp message, be aware that it’s a complete hoax. Don’t trust it for a second. Also, please do not send it to anyone else. The popularity of fraudulent communications has skyrocketed in recent years. It’s also critical to exercise caution when dealing with them.

PIB denies spreading false information about government programs.

Let us explain: PIB Fact Check debunks incorrect information about government policies and programs. If you feel any government-related story is false, you can report it to PIB Fact Check. You can do so by texting 918799711259 or sending an email to



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