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Know-How much is a full charge electric car, what is the price of one unit?

Electric car charging rate: If you talk about electric car charging, then you can get it charged at Rs 15 per unit in Mumbai and its rate is less in Delhi.

Now is the era of electric vehicles. Now people are moving towards electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel vehicles. Due to rising fuel prices, people are also moving towards electricity, because it is a much cheaper deal than fuel. In India too, many people have now bought electric cars and the government is also emphasizing making electric stations like petrol pumps.

If you are also thinking of bringing an electric car, then you must also want to know how to charge an electric car and how much does it cost to charge at these electric stations? In such a situation, we know what is the rate of electric charging like petrol and how many petrol tank is full, how is its charge full. Also, you will know how much mileage is there and what is its complete system…

What is this electricity?

Talking about the charging of electric vehicles, in Mumbai, the vehicle will be charged at Rs 15 per unit. At the same time, talking about Delhi, Rs 4.5 per unit is charged for lawn tension charging. Rs 5 per unit is charged for high tension vehicles. That’s why this electricity is very cheap in Delhi and in Delhi, your car can be fully charged for 120 to 150 rupees.

According to the report of CNBC, BMC will give information about this rate. By the way, talking about the fuel tank, it takes 20 to 30 units to charge the entire vehicle and this means that you have to spend 200 to 400 rupees to charge the vehicle. That is, you can fully charge the vehicle once for Rs 400.

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Now it was about cars. You can also charge an electric scooter with it and it takes 3 units of electricity to charge the scooter. That is, the scooter can be fully charged for just Rs 50. Now how many kilometers you can travel in full charge, depends on your vehicle.

How long does it take to charge?

There are two types of charging for electric vehicles. There is fast charging in this, due to which it takes 60 to 110 minutes to charge the battery and there is slow charging, due to which it takes 6 to 7 hours to charge the vehicle. It is also called an alternate charge.

How many kilometers does it travel on a single charge?

Although it depends on the engine of each car, but in general a car can be driven up to 100 kilometers at the cost of a 15 KMH battery. Many cars give even less average than this. But this standard is considered standard. In such a situation, you can estimate it according to the battery of the electric car. On the other hand, some Tesla cars run for more than 500 kilometers on a single charge.



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