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Don’t like the photo on your Aadhaar Card? Change your Aadhaar photo like this

Aadhaar Card Photo Update: There will be a few people, who would like the photo on their Aadhar card.

Aadhaar Card Photo Update: There will be a few people who would like the photo on their Aadhaar card. Actually, when you go to get the Aadhar card made, your face becomes extinguished due to the crowd meeting there and your photo does not look good.

Photo can be updated on Aadhaar

But if you are thinking that now there is no option to change this photo then you are wrong. It will not take you much time to get the picture changed. By following some easy tips, you can also update the photo on your Aadhar card. You do not even need any kind of documents for this process.

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Complete process of updating photos

  • To change the photo in Aadhaar, visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
  • Here you fill a form and submit it and pay the prescribed fee of Rs 25.
  • You can also download this form from
  • Here you will be asked for your biometric details.
  • At the same time he will click your second photo.
  • From here you will be given a slip with the URN.
  • With the help of this URN number, you can check whether your photo has been changed or not.
  • After updating the photo in a few days, the new photo can be seen on the UIDAI website.

Important information is given about Aadhaar

Recently, UIDAI, which monitors the Aadhar card, has said that does not use the copy of PVC Aadhar card made from the open market. UIDAI said in its tweet, ‘If a customer gets PVC card or plastic card or Smart Aadhaar card made from the open market, then it will not be valid. UIDAI also told that customers can do their work through any Aadhar card.



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