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6 Best International Travel Destinations Within A 5 Hours Flight From India

Do you know of 6 international destinations that can be reached in just 5 hours from India? The distance from one city to another in India can also be much more than this. Let us tell you about such exotic places today.

Honeymoon or solo traveling, once in a lifetime the desire to visit abroad definitely awakens in every person’s mind. But the long journey of hours/days and huge expenditure never allowed this dream to come true. Do you know of 6 international destinations that can be reached in just 5 hours from India? The distance from one city to another in India can also be much more than this. Let us tell you about such exotic places today.

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Nepal in 2 Hours – Nepal is not only the closest country to India but also an affordable destination for foreign tours. High snow-capped peaks and lush green forests make Nepal special, where you can go to spend some moments of relaxation. The air journey to Nepal from the airport located in the capital Delhi is just two hours.


Dubai in 3 and a half hours – You will find everything a traveler is looking for in Dubai. Dubai resembles Las Vegas, the most luxurious city in the world. You will hardly get an experience like Desert Safari, Private Island, and Michelin Starred Restaurant here. One can reach Dubai in just 3 hours 35 minutes by taking a flight from New Delhi airport.


The Maldives in 4 Hours – the Maldives is the most preferred international destination for honeymooners Indians. Recently, many Bollywood celebs have shared their fun-filled holiday experiences in the Maldives on social media. This place is very much liked by those who enjoy romantic moments on the beach and island. You can reach the Maldives in just 4 hours by taking a flight from New Delhi.


Singapore in 4 and a half hours – The beautiful view of the islands of Singapore will surely amaze you. Adventure lovers, luxury seekers, photographers, artists, and backpackers love Singapore. Singapore is also cheaper for Indians as compared to other international destinations. So you can also plan a long trip to Singapore. The air journey from Delhi to Singapore is just four and a half hours.


Seychelles in 4 and a half hours – Beautiful sea beaches, enchanting coral reefs, and amazing nature views speak to the beauty of Seychelles. Seychelles is one of the destinations that attract the most tourists from all over the world. If you ever want to come here, do not forget to visit the largest island ‘Miss Visiting Mahe’. Which is also the center of travel to the beautiful island here. Seychelles can be reached in just four and a half hours by taking a flight from India.


Thailand in 4 Hours – Thailand has always been a favorite of tourists. The wonderful view of nature here will not let you return. Indians also like Thailand very much, that is why a large number of people come here every year to visit. If the desire to visit Thailand is waking up in your mind, then this beautiful destination is just 4 hours away from Delhi Airport.


Oman – There is a surprise hidden for every tourist in the Sultanate of Oman in three and a half hours. People are compelled to visit Oman after seeing the beautiful view, serene environment, and world-class resorts here. After visiting Oman, don’t miss the traditional mountain village of Misfat Al Abren, hiking in Jebel, and visiting Muscat’s museums, beaches, and famous places. The distance from New Delhi airport to Muscat airport is just three and a half hours.



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