Thursday, December 1, 2022

Disease X: The danger of this new disease engulfing the world amid the corona epidemic, strange symptoms are emerging in Britain

Disease X: Amidst the corona epidemic, there is a danger of a new disease in the world. A new disease has been detected in Britain, whose samples have been found to have symptoms of polio.

Disease X: After the corona epidemic in the world, now there is a danger of a new disease. In Britain, a new disease has emerged, and the sample contained signs of polio. For the first time in 40 years, this has happened in the history of Britain. It is believed that if this disease is not controlled, then it will go on spreading like corona to other parts of the world.

after 40 years, polio symptoms are once more visible.

According to partner website DNA, diseases like cholera, measles, and monkeypox have been detected in the UK in the last 6 months. Symptoms of polio were found in all. When those samples were examined, it turned out to be true. Polio was eradicated in Britain 40 years ago. After so many years, once again the symptoms of this disease are being considered as a serious warning.

Doctor named Disease X

According to the report, doctors have named this unknown disease Disease X. It is suspected that similar to the coronavirus, it may also be contagious. What causes this illness, and how does it spread? The doctors have not been able to know anything about this so far. Doctors say that until the drug is found after researching this disease, people should get their children vaccinated. This is the only way to prevent this disease at this time.

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People are troubled by the corona epidemic

Let us inform you that the corona epidemic that has come over the last two years has killed lakhs of people. The economy has completely stopped due to this epidemic, and thousands of people have died. Despite all the efforts, the vaccine to eliminate the coronavirus has not yet been made. In such a situation, now people are going to tremble as soon as they hear the name of a new disease.

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