Monday, October 3, 2022

Honda Activa 7G First Images Revealed! Will be launched soon, these features can be found

Honda Activa 7G Teaser: When it comes to scooters, currently Honda’s name comes first in India as it is the best-selling scooter brand in the country. Scooter sales figures show that Honda Activa is the best seller among all other scooters in India. The Activa 6G and Activa 125 are the two current models in the Honda Activa lineup. But, now the company is moving toward bringing a new Activa scooter, which can be called Honda Activa 7G. Honda recently released the teaser of a scooter on social media with the caption “Coming Soon”. The face of the scooter can be seen in the teaser. The entire scooter is not visible but the front part is visible. It is similar to the standard Activa.

Honda is already doing great sales in the two-wheeler scooter segment. There are already plans in place to introduce Activa 7G during the holiday season in an effort to increase sales even more. Not much is known about the Activa 7G as the information we can get from the teaser is very less. Honda has not even written the name ‘Activa 7G’ with the teaser of the scooter. Therefore, it cannot be argued that this teaser announces the introduction of Activa 7G. But, seeing this, it seems that it will be an Activa 7G scooter only.

The Honda 7G is unlikely to get many significant updates over the 6G like those seen in the 6G over the 5G. The company had given BS6 in Activa 6G itself and it was a big update. The Activa 7G, though, is probably going to have the same old powertrain. It will get a 110cc engine, which is capable of generating 7.68 bhp and 8.79 Nm.

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The Honda Activa 7G will get 6G-like fuel efficiency, boot space, 692 mm seat height, silent starter motor, and much more. The Honda Activa 7G is expected to get a semi-digital instrument cluster and LED headlights as standard fitment, which are available on the Deluxe variant of the Activa 6G.

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