Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Apple: Apple gets a setback from the court in the 10-year-old case, employees will have to pay 2.4 billion rupees

US District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco approved the settlement in the 2013 case on Saturday. The Supreme Court of California ruled in the case in 2020 that the country’s law requires employees to be paid when employees undergo mandatory security checks.

The giant tech company Apple has got a setback from the Federal Court of California. In a nearly decade-old case, a federal court in California has ruled in favor of employees. A California federal court judge has ordered Apple to pay 2.42 billion rupees ($30.5 million) in a nearly decade-old lawsuit. The petition, filed in court, claims that the company has not paid 15,000 Apple Store employees for the time they lost to security checks after their shift. Now, in this case, the court, while giving its verdict, has ordered Apple company to pay 2.42 billion rupees to the employees who lost time in the security check.

US District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco approved the settlement in the 2013 case on Saturday. The Supreme Court in California ruled in the case in 2020 that the country’s law requires employees to be paid when they undergo mandatory security checks.

Walmart and Amazon have also been sued.
Walmart and are also among major US employers facing similar lawsuits. Amazon and a staffing agency last year agreed to pay US$8.7 million (Rs 69.20 crore) to 42,000 warehouse workers to settle one of such cases.

In Apple’s case, the plaintiffs claimed that store employees often wait several minutes and sometimes longer for security checks after shifts are over. It is better to check them out before leaving the shop where they work. Apple and plaintiffs’ attorneys, however, did not respond to requests for comment at the time.

The case was dismissed in 2015
Judge Alsup dismissed the case in 2015, saying that the employees were not in control of the company during the security check because they were not required to bring personal items to work, hence the need for an investigation. A federal appellate court then asked the California Supreme Court to decide whether the time spent in post-shift screening should be compensated under the country’s law.

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In 2020, the California Supreme Court ruled against Apple. The court, in its ruling, said it was impractical to expect employees not to bring personal belongings to work. The federal court then took up the matter, and last year Judge Alsup said he planned to let the plaintiffs decide the case and order a trial on damages. The case pertains to the US District Court for the Northern District of California, Fralekin et al. v. Appeal No. 3:13-CV-03451.

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