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ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: Now withdrawing money from ATM is expensive, big banks have increased the charge, this is the new rule

ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day: All major government and private banks across the country have made changes regarding ATM Cash Withdrawal. You will now incur additional fees if you withdraw more ATM cash than is permitted in a given month. It will cost between 20 and 22 rupees.

3 Transactions Free
Both financial and non-financial services are available for withdrawal from ATMs. Three transactions per month are often free. Following then, various banks’ policies and fees were implemented.

A fee fixed at Rs 21 per transaction
In a circular from last year, the Reserve Bank of India stated that there would be a tax of Rs 21 per withdrawal if there were more than the monthly free withdrawals. The updated rule will go into effect on January 1, 2022. Find out about the limitations and charges some major banks place on ATM transactions. SBI, PNB, HDFC, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank are some of these banks.

This maximum limit in SBI
is for ATMs located in 6 metro cities – Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, the maximum limit for free transactions is 3 for other bank ATMs. Only clients who maintain an ABM of Rs 50,000 will be eligible for the limitless transactions formerly granted to accounts with a monthly minimum balance (ABM) of Rs 25,000. There can only be three free purchases in major cities.

This change
has taken place in SBI Transaction (SBI Transaction) for transactions more than the free limit, depending on the ATM (ATM) charges ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 20. Customers are charged Rs. 5 at SBI ATMs and Rs. 8 at other bank ATMs for non-financial transactions that exceed the free threshold in addition to the applicable GST rates. Cash withdrawal transactions at SBI ATMs that exceed the free limit are subject to a fee of Rs 10. For additional financial transactions at ATMs belonging to other banks, SBI charges Rs 20 per transaction. In addition to the charges, the customer’s account is debited for any relevant GST.

A charge of Rs 20 in
PNB gives 5 free transactions in a month at PNB ATMs. Additionally, a fee of Rs 10 must be paid for every bank transaction. The policies for using ATMs at banks other than PNB differ from those at PNB. Three free transactions are permitted in a metro area and five free transactions are permitted in a non-metro area per month. After the free limit from other bank ATMs, there is a charge of Rs 20 for performing financial or non-financial transactions. This is not how international transactions operate. For overseas cash withdrawals, a fee of 150 rupees + any relevant VAT is payable. A fee of Rs 15 plus any relevant VAT is charged to check your foreign balance.

Only the first 5 withdrawals from HDFC Bank ATMs in 1 month are free. Cash withdrawals cost Rs 20 plus tax every transaction, while non-financial transactions cost Rs 8.5 plus tax. In six major cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru), 3 free transactions are permitted at any other bank’s ATM, and 5 free transactions (both financial and non-financial) are permitted at other locations each month. Debit Card PIN Re-Generation Cost is Rs. 50. (with applicable taxes). When a transaction is declared but there is no money in the deck account, it is also charged. If the transaction is declined due to insufficient funds in another bank’s ATM or merchant location, a fee of Rs 25 will be assessed.

The daily cash withdrawal limit is given to the account holder from ICICI to Rs 20 plus GST card type and account type. It is between 50,000 and 1.5 lakh rupees. If a withdrawal is made from an ATM belonging to a bank other than ICICI Bank, the facility of 10,000 per withdrawal is accessible. Five free transactions from the ICICI ATM each month. Following that, an ATM withdrawal costs Rs. 20 plus GST. The charge for non-financial transactions is Rs 8.50 plus GST, but this cap applies to financial transactions.

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Rs 21 charge in Axis Bank
The daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs 50,000, Daily POS Transaction Limit is Rs 1,25,000. A fee of Rs. 25 will be charged if there is not enough money in the account and the transaction is refused. The free limit is 4 initial cash transactions per month or Rs 1.5, whichever comes first. At non-home branches, a cash withdrawal of up to Rs 25,000 is free each day. Rs. 5 per thousand transactions over this threshold will be required. Cash deposits and withdrawals that exceed the limit are subject to separate regulations. You must pay Rs 5 per thousand or Rs 150 when making deposits or withdrawals from your account, whichever is higher. On deposits to third-party accounts, there will be a penalty of Rs 10 per thousand or Rs 150, whichever is higher. Axis Bank ATMs offer free non-financial transactions and up to 5 free financial transactions each month. In metro areas, both financial and non-financial 3 transactions are free. 5 purchases in a month are free elsewhere. If cash is withdrawn from Axis and Non-Axis ATMs outside the limit, then Rs 21 will have to be paid per transaction.

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