Monday, October 3, 2022

Flying car: A flying car has entered the market, and many people have reserved one; the price is Rs. 1.70 lakh.

Switchblade flying car price: The flying car has long been anticipated. Many large corporations are working on this. Samson Sky, an American company, is finally bringing its Switchblade flying car to market after 14 years of research and development. The company has announced that its vehicle has passed high-speed taxi testing. Let us remind you that this is the first flying car available to Americans. It has been reserved by approximately 2000 people. In terms of cost, it is priced at $ 1.70 lakh (Rs 1.35 crore).

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The car and the plane are also unique in that they are both cars and planes. In writing, this vehicle has been described as a three-wheel motorcycle that also flies in America. It has room for one driver and one passenger. It will be able to fly as well as run on the road. Takeoff and landing require the use of a runway.

Is anyone capable of flying it?
Owners of Switchblade flying cars must have both an aviation and a car driving licence. They must pass a flight examiner’s medical examination and obtain a repair licence in order to maintain their aircraft.


What about car insurance?
It is also difficult to obtain flying car insurance. There is currently no insurance for flying vehicles. According to the company, customers driving this vehicle will initially be required to purchase two policies, one for air travel and one for road travel.

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