Friday, September 22, 2023

Love Marriage Suggestions: If you want to convince your family members to agree to a love marriage, use these suggestions.

There is always a family member who is very close to you. It could be one of your siblings. You may hide information about your partner from your mother and father, but not from your close siblings. Your siblings can assist you in convincing your parents. You’ve probably noticed how much your parents trust your siblings.


Every home is filled with both joy and sorrow. You wait for the appropriate moment. Haste can ruin your work. Tell the parents about the love marriage when everyone in the house is very happy. It will be much easier if your parents already know your girlfriend. Parents can agree to marriage if they tell their children at the appropriate time.


If you love someone and want to marry him, make a positive atmosphere in your home about him. You can do this by mentioning your girlfriend’s good habits in front of her parents. You can also compliment him from time to time. This will present a positive image of your partner to your parents. In this case, whenever you mention doing a love marriage, your parents will agree.


Don’t just compliment your girlfriend at home. Make an effort to get him to meet the family members at least once. However, never call girlfriends in front of your parents. You are free to invite your girlfriend to any family gathering or function.


Before discussing love marriage in your home, give an example of a friend or relative who has done so. The family members will trust you if you do this. His attitude toward love marriage also shifts as a result of this. Apart from that, whenever you tell your parents about your love marriage, be polite and try to explain it to them with love.

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