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Anjali Arora: Now that the MMS leak has made headlines, who is Anjali Arora’s boyfriend, Akash Sansanlal?

Anjali Arora, the social media sensation, is a hot topic these days. Anjali, who rose to fame with her video for the song ‘Kachcha Badam,’ was previously in the news for an MMS. Actually, the girl seen in this video, which was leaked on the internet, was identified as Anjali Arora. However, in response to this, he stated unequivocally that the video was entirely fabricated.

Anjali arora boyfriend_newsstore24

Meanwhile, following Anjali’s statement, her boyfriend Akash Sansanlal’s reaction to this video became public. In response to the video, Anjali’s boyfriend Akash expressed his undying support for her and fulfilled the role of a true partner. Akash’s style is currently going viral on social media. Since his reaction to MMS, Akash has received a lot of attention. Let us learn about Anjali’s boyfriend, Akash Sansanlal.

Anjali arora boyfriend-newsstore24

Akash works as a digital creator and is very active on social media. Aside from that, he frequently posts his reels on Instagram. In addition, he manages the BJP’s social media accounts under his own name. Akash, who has 23.1 thousand Instagram followers, frequently shares his photos and reels with Anjali. Let us remind you that Anjali and Akash first shared on June 21, 2021.

Anjali arora-newsstore24

According to media reports, Akash Sansanwal and Anjali Arora have been dating for the past two years. The couple was first seen together at the Mumbai airport. Apart from that, Anjali frequently posts photos of herself with Akash on her social media accounts. Let us remind you that when Anjali was asked about her boyfriend’s reaction to MMS in an interview, she said that everyone knows what nonsense is going on. Those who are close to me, on the other hand, have faith in me.

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