Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Vastu Tips For Home: If you make these 5 simple changes at home, your happiness will double in hardly a time!

Puja Ghar: The Puja Ghar should always be in the North-East, or Northeast, of the house for the people’s well-being, positivity, and progress. because the gods’ home is there. Remember that a shaft, bathroom, or kitchen should not be located above or below the worship center.


Maintaining cleanliness is important because spider webs, dust, and dirt in the home can lead to multiple Vastu flaws. The home’s bathroom should always be maintained nice and clean.


The house’s main door should always be clean, and all of the doors should be in good working order. When they are opened or closed, there is no sound. Neither should their paint flake.


Burn Kapoor in the morning and evening: Kapoor is a powerful Vastu solution that can fix a variety of structural issues in a home. Use this cure every day. This improves the home’s positivity, happiness, and wealth.


Never sleep with your feet pointed toward the south. Health suffers as a result of this behavior. Keeping your eyes pointed south is a good idea.

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