Friday, September 30, 2022

Upcoming 7-Seater Cars: If you want to buy a big car, then you can consider these 7 seater models, see the complete list

Upcoming Cars: Along with small cars, big cars are also sold a lot in India. Apart from being more comfortable in these cars, there is also a place to sit for more people. If you also want to buy a big car, then we are going to tell you about some such 7 seater cars, which are going to knock in the Indian market soon.

Maruti’s upcoming 7-seater car

Maruti's upcoming 7-seater car

According to media reports, Maruti Suzuki will soon launch a new three-row 7-seater SUV built on the platform of the Ertiga. Its length will be about 4.5 meters. The company can produce it at Toyota’s Bidadi factory.

Hyundai stargazer

Hyundai stargazer

This three-row MPV from Hyundai has been spotted testing several times. The length of this car will be around 4.5. A 1.5-L turbo diesel engine can be seen in this, which can generate power of 113bhp and torque of 250 Nm. This car has been specially designed for the Asian markets.

Nissan magnite

Nissan magnite

Car manufacturer Nissan may soon launch a 7-seater variant of its Magnite car in India. It can be seen in the 1.0-L naturally aspirated petrol engine, which can produce 72hp of power and 96 Nm of torque. Features like a 360-degree view camera, engine immobilizer, ABS with EBD, and six airbags can be given in it.

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova

Toyota is soon going to launch one of its very popular cars Innova in a new avatar. This car can be named Genex. According to media reports, the company can equip this car with hybrid technology. Features like ADAS, multi-terrain monitor, and paranomic sunroof can be seen in this.

Toyota C-Segment Car

Toyota C-Segment Car

Toyota may launch the C-segment MPV next year. This car has been given the codename 560B. Hybrid technology can be seen in this new car. With this car, Toyota is preparing a mid-size SUV, which will soon be seen on the market.

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Citroen C3 Plus

Citroen C3 Plus

French automobile company Citroen may soon launch a 7-seater version of its C3 hatchback. This car was spotted during testing a few days back. The company can launch this car next year.

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