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Milk Price Hike: After Mother Dairy, this company also increased its price.

Nandini Milk Latest Price: After Mother Dairy raised the cost of milk, the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) has now declared that the cost of Nandini brand milk (per litre) and curd (per kilogramme) will rise by Rs 2.

Milk Price: The cost of milk is growing as a result of rising inflation and costs. The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) has announced an increase of Rs 2 in the prices of Nandini brand milk (per litre) and curd following Mother Dairy’s hike in milk prices (per kg). The higher rates went into effect on Thursday. The prices of nine milk varieties, including Special Milk, Shubham, Samriddhi, Saturation and Curd, have increased, according to a statement from the managing director of KMF.

Nandini Milk Price Hike

Nandini Milk Latest Price, The updated milk and curd prices,

According to the managing director, double-toned milk is now priced at Rs. 38 per litre, toned milk at Rs. 39, homogenised toned milk at Rs. 40, homogenised cow milk at Rs. 44, special milk at Rs. 45, Shubham milk at Rs. 45, Samridhi milk at Rs. 50, and saturation milk at Rs. 52. The price of the Nandini curd is Rs. 47.

Milk Price Hike

Nandini Milk Latest Price, Mother Dairy recently raised the price. Mother Dairy sales are up.

the cost of full cream milk in Delhi-NCR by Re 1 per litre. Additionally, the price of tokenized milk has increased by Rs 2 per litre. Mother Dairy’s raised prices are effective as of November 21. Because of the rising costs, there has been consideration of raising the price. For the fourth time this year, Mother Dairy, which provides more than 30 lakh litres of milk daily to Delhi-NCR, has raised prices.

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