Tuesday, January 31, 2023

There will be a big change in all the rules including railways, banks and LPG from 1st December,

New rules from 1 December 2022: After 2 days, the last month of the year December (1st December 2022) is going to start… Many big changes are going to happen also in this month, which will directly impact your bank account. Many major changes are going to happen from the price of gas cylinders to the timetable of the train. Let us tell you-

Submit the life certificate

Pensioners have to submit their life certificates. There are still two days left for you to submit your certificate; the deadline is November 30, 2022. Your pension may also be stopped if you fail to submit your certificate.

There will be a change in the timing of trains,

Apart from this, due to the increase in cold and fog in the month of December, the timings of many trains are changing. In addition to this, numerous trains are also canceled. In such a situation, you should travel after planning.

There will be a change in the prices of gas cylinders,

In addition, there will be a significant change in the cost of CNG and PNG. Oil companies review rates on the first of every month, the rise of which hits your pocket. Additionally, new gas cylinder prices will be announced. Businesses reduced the cost of commercial gas cylinders last month.

Banks will also have a holiday for 13 days,

In addition, banks will be closed for a total of 13 days in December. This includes many holidays, including state ones. There are many big days including Christmas on the last day of the year, on which banks will remain closed. Therefore, in such a circumstance, finalize your planning before visiting the bank.

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