Saturday, January 28, 2023

Electric Motorcycle: Get ready for cheap electric bike, will run 135KM in full charge

Pure EV Eco Dryft Electric Motorcycle: A new electric motorcycle will be introduced to the Indian market by Hyderabad-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer Pure EV. It will be a commuter electric bike, which will be designed keeping in mind the daily commuter. The company is going to name it EcoDryft. The price of this new electric motorcycle will be revealed in the first week of January 2023. This electric bike has been completely designed and manufactured in India. This will be the new flagship product of the company.

The manufacturer claims that this electric bike has a 135 km range on a full charge. It will have a 3 kWh battery pack, to speak of the battery. The company says that the top speed of 75 kmph is going to be available in EcoDryft. The motorist will find a highly steady and comfortable ride at this speed.
Customers can already test-ride the Pure EV EcoDrift by visiting the dealerships.

According to Pure EV, the new electric motorcycle will be introduced at an alluring price point in the commuter motorcycle market. Red, Black, Gray, and Blue are the four colour options available with EcoDryft. The business currently operates more than 100 dealerships in India. The company is currently working on upgrading its sales and after-sales service network.

The eTryst 350, another electric motorcycle sold by the firm, is already available. This bike’s top speed is 85 kmph. It comes with a battery pack with a 3.5 kWh capacity that charges in 6 hours. It has a riding range of 90 to 140 kilometers. It is electric motor is capable of producing 4 kW of peak power. Drive, Cross over, and Thrill is its three riding modes.

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