Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Going to office everyday by bike in the bitter cold? These 4 tips will save you from both cold and accident

Winter Bike Riding Tips: December is about to end and the cold wave continues to wreak havoc in North India including Delhi-NCR. Dense fog prevails in most areas in the morning and evening. In such a situation, those traveling by bike are facing a lot of trouble. In such weather, the incidents of accidents also increase a lot. That’s why we are telling you 4 such tips, through which it will be easy for those traveling on a motorcycle to travel even in such severe winter and they will also be safe.

1. Wear such clothes

The first step is to choose the right clothes. Bikes feel cooler and windier than cars. That’s why wear three to four layers of warm clothes before getting out on the bike. You can wear inner and must wear jacket on top. If you have a leather jacket then icing on the cake. Wear proper shoes and socks on your feet. Gloves can be used for the hands and mufflers for the head.

2. Use a low beam Do

Do not ride a bike on a high beam continuously in winter. Doing this reduces the visibility on the road and also causes problems for the driver coming from the front. Always ride the bike on a low beam.

3. Use ABS mode

Many bikes these days offer ABS modes for different riding conditions. Like- normal, rain and snow, etc. In winter the road often gets wet and there is a danger of the bike slipping. In this case, you can use rain or snow mode.

4. Reflective tape

The biggest problem in winter is that vehicles are not visible from a distance. So it would be better to put some reflective tape on the bike. These days there are many jackets available in the market, which shine when the light falls on them.

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