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How to avoid motion sickness when traveling by car, bus, or train

How To Stop Vomiting In Car: Many people start vomiting as soon as they sit in the car. Such people not only spoil their own journey but also spoil the journey of other people traveling with them in the car. Many times people start vomiting as soon as they sit in the car and sometimes vomiting starts after traveling for some time. Whatever the case, if you want to avoid car vomiting, you must have a few tips of your own. Today we are going to tell you about some such tips. If you follow these, there is every possibility that you will not vomit after sitting in the car.

Tips to stop vomiting while traveling in a car

Take motion sickness medicine 1 to 2 hours before you start traveling in a car. However, don’t self-medicate. For this, first consult a doctor.

Choose the right seat to sit in the car. That is, sit on the seat where you have less motion sickness. The front passenger seat is best for this.

– Get more fresh air. For this, open the car window a little. Means lower the glasses a little. This will allow more air to enter, which will give you relief.

— People with motion sickness should avoid reading books etc. in the car and distract their mind by looking at the horizon outside the window or by looking at distant things.

— If motion sickness is still severe, stop the vehicle and get out and take fresh air. After some time you can start traveling again.

— Do not eat heavy food before the journey or during the journey, it should be avoided. Eat simple food and eat in small quantities. Also avoid eating fried or spicy food.

Keep sucking black pepper and cloves during the journey. This gives relief in conditions like nausea or vomiting.

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